Kitchen Hours 10 am-9 pm
Prices are subject to change


Choose your Dressing-Lo-cal French, ranch, thousand island, Italian, honey mustard, Parmesan peppercorn, fat free raspberry vinaigrette, blue cheese & The Rock sauce.

Our Garden Salad Mixed greens topped with tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, broccoli, banana peppers & onions. Sprinkled with cheese and served with toasted parmesan bread. Large 6.49 Small 4.49

Chef Salad Mixed greens topped with sliced strips of oven roasted turkey and cured baked ham, cheese, black olives, eggs and tomatoes. Served with toasted parmesan bread. Large 6.79 Small 4.79

BLT Salad Fried bacon, tomatoes, hard-boiled egg & cheese over a bed of mixed greens. Served with toasted parmesan bread. Large 6.49 Small 4.49

Chicken Salad-Grilled or Crispy Strips of Tuscan marinated grilled chicken atop a blend of mixed greens with tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, cheese, and black olives. A meal in itself. Served with toasted parmesan bread. Large 6.99 Small 4.99



Choose your wrap, whole wheat or tomato basil wrap.

California Turkey Wrap Sliced turkey breast, tomato, red onion, Real Cheddar cheese, lettuce and ranch dressing. 6.99

Tuscan Chicken Wrap Grilled Tuscan chicken breast meat with bacon, red onions, tomatoes, lettuce and pepperjack cheese. Topped with Blue Cheese dressing. 6.99

Breaded Cod Wrap Lightly breaded cod fillets, American cheese, lettuce and tartar sauce wrapped to tease your taste buds. Delicious. 7.49

Just Veggie Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black olives, mushrooms and banana peppers wrapped up with salsa. 6.99

BLT Wrap Bacon, lettuce and tomato, served with ranch dressing 6.99


Grilled to perfection on our char grill. Add fries to any burger or sandwich for only 1.00

Additions to any Sandwich American, Swiss, cheddar or pepperjack cheese .50 lettuce .50 tomato .50 two pieces of bacon 1.00 mush-rooms .50

Feeling hungry? Make any burger a 1/2 lb for just 1.00 more. Add fries to any burger or sandwich for only 1.00

The Classic Rock a.k.a. The Bernie 1/3 lb. Black Angus burger, served here at The Rock for over 20 years. 4.99

Bacon Cheeseburger Two Strips crispy bacon and American Cheese topping the classic burger. 6.49

The Rock Pepper Burger Classic burger topped with banana peppers, bacon and pepperjack cheese. 6.99

Mushroom Swiss Burger A fresh 1/3 lb patty, smothered with grilled mushrooms and real Swiss cheese. 5.99

Marsh Burger Classic burger topped with grilled mushrooms, bacon, American cheese, pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. 8.59

Patty Melt 1/3 lb burger with Swiss cheese and fried onion. 5.29


Philly Cheesesteak Shredded sirloin grilled up with green peppers and onions. Topped off with melted Swiss cheese and served on a hoagie 6.99

Grilled Chicken Sandwich Broiled garlic and herb chicken breast topped with lettuce, tomato and mayo. 5.99
Pork Tenderloin Sandwich A regional favorite. Breaded pork tenderloin, deep fried and served on our classic kaiser roll.
Topped with lettuce, tomato and mayo 5.99
Hot Ham & Cheese Sliced ham on your choice of white or rye bread or a kaiser roll. Pick your favorite cheese also. 4.59

Belly Buster 1/2 lb cod fillet battered and deep fried. Served on a hoagie roll. 8.99
Clubhouse Sandwich An American favorite! Shaved turkey, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and American cheese.
Served on white or rye bread with mayo. 6.49
BLT Sandwich Crispy bacon along with lettuce , tomato and mayo on white or rye. 4.59

Rock B.C.S (Bacon Chicken Sandwich) Hot ‘n Spicy chicken sandwich topped with bacon, pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. 6.49


Whether you are looking to compliment your sandwich or just in the mood for a delicious snack, look no further! All appetizers served with your choice of dipping sauces-ranch, BBQ, marinara, honey mustard, blue cheese or our very own Rock sauce.

French Fries-half pound of golden brown fries. 1.49 Full pound. 2.49

Mozzarella Sticks-Five delicious beer battered mozzarella sticks. 5.99

Onion Rings-A basket of traditional onion rings. 4.29

Nachos-Basket of nacho chips, with side of hot nacho cheese. 2.50

Breaded Cheese Nuggets-Wisconsin cheese cubes in buttery breading. 6.29

Munchers Cheesy tator tots. Dip in ranch for a new favorite snack. 4.29

Sealeg Extremes-Breaded crab meat, cheese & jalapeños. Delicious. 5.59

Chicken Strips-Real chicken tenderloin breaded and deep fried. 5.99.

Chicken Wings-Seven battered wings, sure to satisfy. 5.29

Dipt-n-dusted Bella Mushrooms-Lightly seasoned for great flavor. 6.29

Brew House Combination Basket-Onion rings, cream cheese stuffed jalapeños, beer battered shrimp, chicken strips and beer battered mushrooms. Share a basket today. 9.49

Mini Corn Dogs-ten dogs to satisfy your county fair craving. 4.59

Shrimp Basket-Red ale battered shrimp with a side of fries. 6.49

Breaded Cod Basket-Four pieces of breaded cod with fries. 6.49

Criss-Cut Sweet Potato Fries-Naturally sweet crispy waffle fries. 4.59

 Friday Fish Fry

The Fish Fry here at The Rock is known not only across Dodge County, but across the country. When people come to visit relatives in Horicon, they know that they have to stop here to get their fish fry

Dinners served with coleslaw, rye bread and choice of French fries, American potato salad or baked potato (sour cream .50). Half portions of

Cod Dinner-Six pieces of lightly breaded or beer battered 9.99

Perch Dinner-Four pieces of Lake Perch. Choice of breaded or beer battered. 12.99
Walleye Dinner-One giant fillet cooked to perfection. 14.99

7 Piece Shrimp-Breaded butterfly fantail shrimp. 9.99
Baked Cod-Four fillets of Cod-baked to perfection. Served with melted butter.10.49
Smelt-Crispy battered smelt, a local favorite.7.99

Fish to Go –Friday evening only All of our fish dinners are available for carryout as a whole dinner. Now available-Buckets of fish to go. Each bucket includes 1 lb of fries.


The following dinners are served with choice of potato (fries, wedges or American potato salad), coleslaw and buttered rye bread. (Available everyday except Friday when our Fabulous Fish Fry is served)

All you can eat Butterfly Shrimp $9.99 Wednesday Only Butterfly Shrimp, coleslaw, rye bread, and fries or potato salad. Dine in only, Drink purchase required. Enjoy some every Wednesday.

Broasted Chicken Dinner-1/2 Chicken Dinner (breast, thigh, leg & wing) 7.99 1/4 chicken white meat (breast & wing) 5.99 1/4 chicken dark meat (thigh & leg) 5.99

Open Faced Beef Sandwich– Shredded beef over a hoagie bun topped with pepperjack cheese and banana peppers. We then toast it and serve it to you with coleslaw and choice of potato. 10.99

Broasted Chicken to Go-Order some today Includes chicken and choice of potato (fries, wedges or potato salad) 8 piece 11.99 12 piece 15.99 20 piece 24.99

Blue Gill Plate-Half pound blue gill fillets deep fried (served everyday but Friday)14.99

Pork Chop Dinner-Two bone in pork chops, marinated, breaded and broasted to perfection. Served with applesauce, rye bread and choice of potato. 9.99

Made from Scratch Pizzas

Our delicious Italian Style pizzas are made from scratch, start to finish. Using only the freshest ingredients available, we form these pies by hand and fire them on site in our stone pizza oven. This yields a thin, crisp crust with delicious flavor. Enjoy one of our combinations in your choice of three sizes. Choose either our homemade fresh tomato sauce or our special creamy Parmesan spread.

9″ 12″ 14″ serves (1) (2-3) (3-5)

Cheese Pizza Topped with Mozzarella and Parmesan 6.99 9.99 12.99

Sweet Italian Sausage Fresh tomato sauce, Italian sausage, and cheese 7.74 10.99 14.24

Roasted Vegetable Combination of tomato and creamy parmesan sauces, caramelized onions, toasted garlic, fire roasted red pepper, tomatoes, roasted mushrooms and mozzarella cheese 7.99 11.99 14.99

Caramelized Onion Made with our creamy garlic parmesan spread, sweet caramelized onions and mozzarella cheese 7.74 10.99 14.24

Roasted Garlic Creamy parmesan spread, toasted garlic, sliced ham and mozzarella cheese 7.74 10.99 14.24

Hawaiian Fresh tomato sauce & cheese with sliced ham and pineapple. Bob’s Favorite 7.74 10.99 14.24

Garlic Bread-Basket of crispy garlic bread 3.99 With Grande Cheese 5.49

Choose one of our homemade sauces- traditional tomato or creamy parmesan sauce. Additional Toppings-sweet Italian sausage, spicy pepperoni, caramelized onions, fire roasted sweet red peppers, jalapenos, roasted mushrooms, tomatoes, black olives, crispy bacon, pineapple, tuscan chicken, sliced ham, toasted garlic, banana peppers and green peppers.

Light Eaters Menu

includes fries or applesauce

Chicken Strips-two tender strips 3.99

Kraft Mac & Cheese-4.29

Shrimp Basket-3.99

Peanut Butter & Jelly– on white or rye 3.99

Mini Corn Dogs– five dogs 3.99

Grilled Cheese-on white or rye 3.99